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TVB Anywhere Service Plan

TVB Anywhere is an online TV entertainment and shopping platform specially designed by TVB for oversea audience. Via TV Box and mobile application, TVB Anywhere offers audience high quality video-on-demand, live channels and 7-day catch-up services. After going through a simple registration, members can subscribe to the Basic Package and experience an extraordinary TV entertainment service. Premium packages can then be purchased upon basic package to enjoy a wider range of premium shows and programs.
Service Packages details are shown below:
Basic Package
(A) 10 Live Channels + 1 Radio Channel
1) TVB Jade - Hong Kong Time
2) TVB Mandarin Jade
3) TVBN (TVB News)
4) TVB Finance & Information Channel
5) Entertainment News
6) Asian Action
7) TVB Live Shows
8) TVB Radio
9) TVB Xing He
10) Mainland News Channel
(B) 7-days catch-up on TVB Jade and TVB Mandarin Jade
(C) Basic Video On Demand Package with over 5000 hours of TVB programs
TV Box
USD 238 for 12months
(TV Box included)
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Mobile App
USD 84 for 12 months
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Members can purchase programs on a pay per view basis. More Details
^ Only customers with Basic Package subscription can purchase and enjoy Premium Service within the contract period of their Basic Package subscription.
Premium VOD Package
Featuring the latest TVB drama programs and classic serial programs. (Click here for VOD programs)
TV Box
USD 56 for 12months
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Mobile App
USD 36 for 12months
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Great Wall TV Package
* This package is NOT available in Japan
(A) 5 CCTV Channels + 15 Provincial TV International Channels:
1) CCTV-4 - Chinese International Channel
2) CGTN Documentary
3) CCTV Entertainment Channel
4) CCTV Opera Channel
5) China Movie Channel
6) Hunan TV International
7) ZTV International
8) JSBC International
9) Shanghai Dragon TV
10) BTV International
11) Great Wall Elite
12) The International Channel of Shandong TV Station (TSTV)
13) Anhui Broadcasting Corporation International (ABC International)
14) The Shenzhen TV International (SZTV International)
15) GDTV World
16) The Southern Television Satellite Channel
17) Fujian Straits TV
18) Chongqing TV International (CTVI)
19) Guangxi TV International
20) Sichuan TV International Channel
TV Box
USD 60 for 12months
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Mobile App
USD 48 for 12months
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Last update on 09 Jul 2018.
1. Other Territories do not include Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore & the USA, where TVB Anywhere service is unavailable (subject to change from time to time without prior notice).
2. For all other regions, all prices listed on the website are inclusive of shipping costs but exclusive of customs duties and/or other taxes, which shall be paid by the customer in cash upon delivery.
3. must be settled in U.S. Dollars (USD). All prices in foreign currencies are displayed for reference only. The actual exchange rate will be determined by the credit card issuing bank at the time of transaction execution.
4. Please click here for terms & conditions.
The above information is for reference only. TVB Anywhere Limited reserves the right to update any information contained herein without prior notice. Discount or promotional offers may be available from time to time, please contact us for more information.