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Horse Racing Channel 88

*This service only available to existing Basic Package customers. 

Horse Racing Channel 88 live broadcasts Hong Konkg horse races and betting information. Relevant ancillary programs highlighting racing results and forecasts are also shown.

VIEWING PERIOD: Upon expiry of Basic Package


TV Box   USD 88 for 12 months

Mobile App   USD 68 for 12 months

Remarks: Live broadcasts on Channel 88 are subject to a short delay due to various factors such as network connection speed and quality, login location and device types.


All prices set are based on US dollar; all other currencies are for reference only.

This product is not available in Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia & the USA.

Not available in this country yet.

1. This product is only available in Canada, Australia, UK & Europe.
2. The price stated is VAT/GST (if any) inclusive.
3. This service only available to existing Basic Package customers.