Mobile App Basic Pack (CA)

*Only available in Canada.  The contents of this product are jointly provided by TVB Anywhere Limited and Fairchild Television Limited.
(A) 11 Live Channels + 1 Radio Channel
    1) TVB International Jade - Hong Kong Time, E.S.T. & P.S.T.
    2) TVBN
    3) TVB Finance & Information Channel
    4) Entertainment News
    5) Asian Action
    6) TVB Live Shows
    7) TVB Radio
    8) TVB Junior
    9) TVB Xing He
    10) Classic Movies
    11) Mainland News Channel
    12) KBS World
(B) 7-days catch-up on TVB International Jade
(C) Basic VOD Pack with over 5000 hours of TVB programs 
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(D)Fairchild VOD Zone

Viewing Period: 12 months

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This product is not available in Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia & the USA.

Not available in this country yet.

1. This product is only available in Canada.
2. The price stated is VAT/GST (if any) inclusive.
3. Customers can also subscribe to the value-added service.