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Mobile App Basic Pack (CA)

*Only available in Canada.  The contents of this product are jointly provided by TVB Anywhere Limited and Fairchild Television Limited.
(A) 11 Live Channels + 1 Radio Channel
    1) TVB Jade - Hong Kong Time, E.S.T. & P.S.T.
    2) TVB Mandarin Jade
    3) TVBN
    4) TVB Finance & Information Channel
    5) Entertainment News
    6) Asian Action
    7) TVB Live Shows
    8) TVB Radio
    9) TVB Xing He
    10) Classic Movies
    11) Mainland News Channel
    12) KBS World
(B) 7-day catch-up on TVB Jade and TVB Mandarin Jade
(C) Basic VOD Pack with over 5000 hours of TVB programs 
Click here for VOD programs
(D) Fairchild VOD Zone

Viewing Period: 12 months

Price*: *The price stated is VAT/GST (if any) inclusive.


All prices set are based on US dollar; all other currencies are for reference only.

This product is not available in Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia & the USA.

Not available in this country yet.

1. This product is only available in Canada.
2. The price stated is VAT/GST (if any) inclusive.
3. Customers can also subscribe to the value-added service.