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  1. TV Box New Zealand Pack

    *This product is only available in New Zealand.

    (A) One TV Box
    (B) 33 Live Channels + 1 Radio Channel
    i) Basic Package
      1) TVB Jade
      2) TVB News(HD)
      3) TVB Entertainment News(HD)
      4) Asian Action
      5) TVB Live Shows
      6) TVB Radio
      7) TVB Junior
    ii) Star Package
      1) TVB Xing He Channel
      2) Classic Movies
      3) STAR Chinese Movies (only available on TV Box)
    iii) Asian Channel Package
      1) Mainland News Channel
      2) Phoenix InfoNews Channel
      3) Phoenix Chinese Channe
    iv) 88 Channel

      1) Horse Racing Channel 88
    v) Great Wall TV Package

      1) CCTV-4 - Chinese International Channel
      2) CGTN Documentary
      3) CCTV Entertainment Channel
      4) CCTV Opera Channel
      5) China Movie Channel
      6) Hunan TV International
      7) ZTV International
      8) JSBC International
      9) Shanghai Dragon TV
      10)BTV International
      11)The World Channel of TJTV
      12)The International Channel of Shandong TV Station (TSTV)
      13)Anhui Broadcasting Corporation International (ABC International)
      14)The Shenzhen TV International (SZTV International)
      15)GDTV World
      16)The Southern Television Satellite Channel
      17)Fujian Straits TV
      18)Chongqing TV International (CTVI)
      19)Guangxi TV International
      20)Sichuan TV International Channel</spanl

    (C) 7-days catch-up on TVBJ
    (D) Basic VOD Pack with over 5000 hours of TVB programs (Click here for VOD programs)

    (E) Premium VOD Package (Click here for VOD programs)

    Viewing Period: 12 months

    Price*: *The price stated is delivery cost, VAT/GST and all other import tax duties (if any) inclusive.
    *New Zealand Pack includes Premium Star Package, Premium Asian Channel Package, Horse Racing Channel 88 and Great Wall TV Package. Please select all packages at purchase.

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