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Help & FAQ


Q:  Why do I need to create an account?

A:  You will need an account to activate TVB Anywhere video streaming service on your mobile device or TV boxes.  You will also need an account to manage all your TV boxes and your mobile plan.


Q:  How many accounts do I need if I have more than one TV box?

A:  You will only need a single account to manage all your TV boxes and mobile plan.


Q:  What are basic and premium service plans of TVB Anywhere? 

A:  You can find the details by clicking “Our Service” in Homepage of Basic and premium service plans are subscription plans for mobile app or TV box in a particular territory.  Basic service plan contains a basic TV channels and VOD package.  Premium service plans consist of different add-on TV channels packages and VOD packages, and they can only be purchased upon basic package.  Without a valid service plan, you can still preview our content and make pay-per-view VOD purchases in our mobile app.


Q:  Why do I need to give my TV box a name?

A:  If you have more than one TV box, you will need to assign your purchases to a specified box.  Each pay-per-view VOD title is good for a TV box only. We suggest you give each box a convenient identity, such as mom's cottage, son's dorm, etc.


Q:  Can I use my account to manage several TV boxes in multiple locations?

A:  Yes, you can.  Your account can manage multiple TV boxes in multiple countries.  TVB Anywhere has been designed for family overseas, except for a few restricted countries stated on, which are subject to change from time to time without prior notice.


Q:  What can I do if I forget my password?

A:  You can click “Forgot Your Password?” on Sign-in page of or “Forgot Password” on Log-in page of TVB Anywhere mobile app. Enter your registered email account and a password reset link will be sent to your email.  


Q:  How can I redeem my bonus points for a VOD title?

A:  In each pay-per-view VOD title menu you will see a rate tag for its bonus point value.  Select your choice of mobile version or TV box version and press Redeem Now.  That's it. The pay-per-view VOD title will be beamed up to your mobile device or TV box promptly.


Q:  How can I buy a pay-per-view VOD as a gift for family overseas?

A:  In each pay-per-view VOD title menu you will find a check box for "Buy as gift".  Select this option and fill in the mail message form, then check out.  The recipient will receive a redemption code to view the pay-per-view VOD title.


Q:  Can I send gifts to my friends who are not members of TVB Anywhere?

A:  Yes you can.  For those recipients who are non-members, our system will create a new account for them automatically free of charge.  All they need to do is to install the TVB Anywhere app on their mobile devices and redeem the gifts on


Q:  Do I need to subscribe to a new plan if I decide to give my TV box to my family overseas?

A:  You can give your TV box to your family overseas, but not together with your subscription plan, which is only valid in your own country. You need to subscribe a new territorial-specific service plan for your family in another country. The remaining period of your own subscription plan is non-refundable. As for the TV Box, you need to deactivate it from your account and let your family overseas activate it on their own account.


Q:  What can I do if TVB Anywhere is not available in my country?

A:  There are only a few countries beyond the coverage of TVB Anywhere and you can easily find such information on  Those restricted countries are subject to change without prior notice.


Q:  Can I cancel my subscription plan?

A:  All our subscription plans and pay-per-view VOD purchases are prepaid and non-refundable.


Q:   I cannot login TVB Anywhere app on my mobile phone.

A:   Our mobile plan only allows one concurrent viewing.  You can install our app on multiple devices, but you must log out your account on one device in order to allow viewing on another device.


Q:   How can I contact Customer Service for additional assistance? 

A:   Our customer service specialists can be reached by:

Australia- / +61 1300 132 188

UK- / +44 0203 770 8828

Europe- +33 1 4586 7888

Canada East- / +1 866 787 8897

Canada West- / +1 877 250 2312

Other countries-


Q:  If you encounter problem using Visa/Master/JCB payment .

A:   There are two methods:

1) Use another browser
2) Change the browser to private mode to checkout with Visa/Master/JCB payment .
Google Chrome
Open Google Chrome,
At the top right, click three "." icon and then click “New Incognito Window”.
Press “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “n” to open an Incognito window

Open your Firefox,
At the top right, click three "-" icon and then click “New Private Window”.
Press “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “p” to open a private window

Microsoft Edge,
Open your Microsoft Edge. At the top right, click "…" icon and then click “New InPrivate Window”.

Safari ,
Open your Safari browser. At the top left, click "file" , and then click “New Private Window”.